States & Regionals 2015 Level 6 Medals

The Level 6 team, led by Damien Chu, have secured a total of 9 top 3 placement medals at the State Championships; and together they were named the 5th best Level 6 team in the State of Maryland.

Damon Chu: 3rd All Around (Tied) in the 11+ Years division

  • 3rd AA (59.3)
  • 1st FX
  • 3rd SR
  • 2nd PB

Quinan Ngo: 10-Years division

  • 3rd AA (58.8)
  • 1st PH

Jason Singleton: 9-Years division

  • 3rd HB

Jadon Ra-Akbar: 10-Years division

  • 3rd VT
  • 2nd PB

At the Regional Championships, Jason Singleton shone, winning three placement medals; his best being 3rd place in his age division on parallel bars (PB).  Damien received two event placement medals at Regionals, and on all six routines paced within the top 10 athletes in his age division.  Of the 71 participating teams in Region 7, The Fairland Level 6 Compulsory Team proudly took 9th place standing.