Fairland Boys Boosters

As a technically demanding sport and a sport with such enormous potential, a training atmosphere that is conducive to the development of quality gymnastic skills at all levels is absolutely necessary. Success requires dedication, commitment and many long hours of practice. The development of a competitive athlete is also demanding of parental support, time and energy.
— Fairland Competitive Teams Handbook

Booster Clubs are the organizations of parents existing for the primary purpose of fundraising and team support. They raise the funds needed to defray the cost associated with competitive sports and provide the volunteer power required to make Fairland's hosted meets run smoothly and successfully. In addition to fundraising, Booster Clubs can be a useful resource for networking, carpooling, uniform trades and general support. Our boys team has an exceptional, active booster club, as do each of the other competitive teams at Fairland, each club with their own elected officers and operating guidelines. Once your child joins the team as a level 4 or above, you in turn will join the FBB.  Welcome!


The Fairland Boys Boosters is a tax-exempt, not for profit organization.