Compulsory Season Wrap-Up: 2014-2015

The Fairland Compulsory Team Levels 4, 5 and 6 had a very successful 2014/2015 competitive season.

As the year ends, Levels 4, 5 and 6 have shown their excellence by securing 3rd, 2nd and 5th place standings in the Maryland state championship competition.

Level 4 - Henry Clark led the Fairland Level 4 team as he claimed nineteen top-3 placement medals at the Maryland state championship competition.  The Level 4s won the 3rd best Level 4 team in Maryland.  

The medal break-downs are as follows: 

Finn Hall (6-years division)  2nd FX; 1st RING; 3rd VT; 1st PB; 2nd HB; 2nd AA (59.00) 

Liam Smith (6-years division) 3rd PH; 3rd VT; 3rd AA (54.3) 

Geovanny Mejia-Gabriel (7-years division) 2nd FX; 2nd RING 

Henry Clark (8-years division)  1st FX; 2nd PB; 1st HB; 2nd AA (60.6) 

Connor Smith (8-years division) 3rd PH; 3rd RING; 3rd AA (60.2) 

Kai Hall (8-years division) 2nd HB


Level 5 - Lead by Damon Nguyen who mastered ALL 6 events.  With his All Around Score of 65.3, he became The Maryland State All Around Champion and brought the Level 5 Team to win the 2nd place champions.  Damon continued to shine at Regional Championship where he received a 3rd place medal for PB and 5th in AA Around.  He also led The Fairland Level 5 Compulsory Team to take 6th place in the Region 7 Championship.  In addition to his achievement, Damon was invited to become part of the Maryland State Level 5 Team representing the State of Maryland to compete against the Region 7’s State Teams (NY, NJ, PA, DL, MD,VA and WV) 

At the Maryland State Championships, Damon and his teammates were awarded with a total 17 top 3 placement medals.  Medal break-down are as follows:

Damon Nguyen (9-years division) 1st FX;  1st PH; 1st RNG; 1st VT; 1st PB; 1st HB; 1st AA (65.3)

Drew Cowan (8-years division) 2nd PB; 3rd AA (59.2)

Donovan Hall (7-years division) 1st PB; 2nd PH; 2nd RING; 3rd HB; 2nd AA 

Thanh-Trieu Nguyen (8-years division) 2nd VT; 2nd PB; 3rd RING


Level 6 - Led by Damien Chu, have secured a total of 9 top 3 placement medals at the State Championships; and together they were named the 5th best Level 6 team in the State of Maryland.   Medal break-down are as follows: 

Damien Chu (11+ division) 1st FX; 3rd RING; 2nd PB; 3rd AA (59.3T lost to tie-breaker rule) 

Jason Singleton (9-years division) 3rd HB 

Quinan Ngo (10-years division) 1st PH; 3rd AA (58.8) 

Jadon Ra-Akbar (10-years division) 3rd VT; 2nd PB

At the regional championships, Jason shines with three placement medals:  One of which is a 3rd place award for his Parallel Bar routine. Joining Jason is Damien who received 2 event placement medals within top 10 athletes on his individual routines.  Of the 71 participating teams in Region 7, The Fairland Level 6 Compulsory Team proudly took 9th place standing.

The Fairland Men’s Gymnastics Team have grown into a strong contender in Region 7 and are poised to make waves in the National Stage.