Regionals Qualifying Score

In order to compete at Regionals, compulsory and optional gymnasts must earn a high enough all around score (AA) during the State Championship meet.  

  • Level 5 - Division 1: 46,  Division 2: 40
  • Level 6 - Division 1: 47,  Division 2: 42
  • Level 7 - Division 1: 43,  Division 2: 40
  • Level 8 - 57
  • Level 9 - 60
  • Level 10 (15-16) - 63
  • Level 10 (17-18) - 65
  • JD - 1 Event: 9.5,  2 Event: 19,  3 Event: 27,  4 Event: 36,  5 Event: 45,  6 Event: 51

For Level 10 JO Gymnasts:

Any gymnast that does not qualify by the AA Score but finishes in the top 5 on an event at their State Championships qualifies for that event only and may compete in that event only at Regional Championships. 

This is how specialists may qualify to JO Nationals this year.

For Junior Elite Gymnasts:

Levels 8 (ages 11-12), 9 (ages 13-14), 10 (ages 15-16), 10 (ages 17-18)

Any athlete that performs Technical Sequences on 6 events at their State Championships automatically qualifies for and the JO and JE Optional Sessions on Thursday April 6, 2017 and the JE Technical Sequence session on Friday April 7, 2017.   Athletes will declare at the end of Regional Championships their desire to pursue this avenue of competition at the JO National Championships if qualified.

Optionals Season Wrap-Up: 2014-2015

The Fairland Boys Optional teams had a very successful season.   All of the optional teams proved that Fairland is here to stay with all of the gymnasts placing high in many of the events.  All of the Fairland boys had numerous personal bests and strong finishes during the competitive season.  The road to Nationals was tough and exciting one.  


Throughout the year, the level 8 team remained healthy, having three gymnasts to compete at most meets.  When the level 8s competed they were always in the top 5 of Level 8 teams,  – 3rd at States and 2nd at the Mid-Atlantic Invitational, many times competing against much larger teams.  


All of the level 8 boys qualified for Regionals with Brandon Singleton finishing 27th, missing a spot to compete at Nationals by just one.  The level 9s and 10s had a great showing.  CJ Rice, a level 9 gymnast fought back from a concussion and qualified for Regionals but missed qualifying for Nationals.  Brian Trinh, also a level 9 who had a solid season, qualified for Regionals but also missed the cut off for Nationals.  Tucker Clay, a graduating senior, was plagued all season with a wrist injury.  He worked hard to get back in time for the Mid-Atlantic Invitational to qualify for States.  However, an unexpected fall on the still rings dashed his hope of making it to Regionals.  Justin Skerrett also a level 10 was a supportive teammate who did not compete this year.  We are expecting great things from Justin next year. taking 3rd place at Regionals out of 47 gyms - also a first for the Fairland team


Despite the fact that the level 9s and 10s were plagued with injuries, two of them made it to Nationals – Uche Eke and Christian Jarrell. Nationals were high-lighted by Uche successfully completing his signature move – the Kovac.  All eyes were on Uche and he not once but twice successfully completed the Kovac move.  College scouts at the gym were very impressed as well as all of the spectators.  Uche and Christian were joined by two of the level 8s, Donovan Hewitt and Joshua Henry-Price bringing the total number of Fairland gymnasts competing at Nationals to four - an all time for the Fairland Boys team.  Donovan finished 3rd in the age 12 group with an all-around personal best putting him in 1st place at the Jos preliminary meet at Nationals.  Joshua finished 8th in the 11 age group.  Uche Eke finished 15th in the 17 age group and Christian finished 26th.  


Fairland’s hard work this season paid off for two graduating seniors.  Uche Eke received a scholarship to the University of Michigan and a position on the Wolverines gymnastics team. Tucker Clay will attend the University of VA and will join the UVA club team.  We look forward to great things from both of them in and out of the gym.  We are so proud of our graduating seniors!

Level 4 Medals at States 2014-2015

Henry Clark led the Level 4s, claiming 19 top-3 placement medals at the Maryland State championships.   Our Level 4s were named the 3rd best Level 4 team in the state. Congratulations guys!

Henry Clark: 2nd place All Around in the 8-Years division

  • 2nd AA (60.6)
  • 1st FX
  • 2nd PB
  • 1st HB

Finn Hall: 2nd place All Around in the 6-Years division

  • 2nd AA (59.0)
  • 2nd FX
  • 1st PB
  • 1st SR
  • 2nd HB
  • 3rd VT

Kai Hall: in the 8-Years division

  • 2nd HB

Geovanny Mejia-Gabriel: in the 7-Years division

  • 2nd FX
  • 2nd SR

Connor Smith: 3rd All Around in the 8-Years division

  • 3rd AA (60.2)
  • 3rd PH
  • 3rd SR

Liam Smith: 3rd All Around in the 6-Years division

  • 3rd AA (54.3)
  • 3rd PH
  • 3rd VT

Compulsory Season Wrap-Up: 2014-2015

The Fairland Compulsory Team Levels 4, 5 and 6 had a very successful 2014/2015 competitive season.

As the year ends, Levels 4, 5 and 6 have shown their excellence by securing 3rd, 2nd and 5th place standings in the Maryland state championship competition.

Level 4 - Henry Clark led the Fairland Level 4 team as he claimed nineteen top-3 placement medals at the Maryland state championship competition.  The Level 4s won the 3rd best Level 4 team in Maryland.  

The medal break-downs are as follows: 

Finn Hall (6-years division)  2nd FX; 1st RING; 3rd VT; 1st PB; 2nd HB; 2nd AA (59.00) 

Liam Smith (6-years division) 3rd PH; 3rd VT; 3rd AA (54.3) 

Geovanny Mejia-Gabriel (7-years division) 2nd FX; 2nd RING 

Henry Clark (8-years division)  1st FX; 2nd PB; 1st HB; 2nd AA (60.6) 

Connor Smith (8-years division) 3rd PH; 3rd RING; 3rd AA (60.2) 

Kai Hall (8-years division) 2nd HB


Level 5 - Lead by Damon Nguyen who mastered ALL 6 events.  With his All Around Score of 65.3, he became The Maryland State All Around Champion and brought the Level 5 Team to win the 2nd place champions.  Damon continued to shine at Regional Championship where he received a 3rd place medal for PB and 5th in AA Around.  He also led The Fairland Level 5 Compulsory Team to take 6th place in the Region 7 Championship.  In addition to his achievement, Damon was invited to become part of the Maryland State Level 5 Team representing the State of Maryland to compete against the Region 7’s State Teams (NY, NJ, PA, DL, MD,VA and WV) 

At the Maryland State Championships, Damon and his teammates were awarded with a total 17 top 3 placement medals.  Medal break-down are as follows:

Damon Nguyen (9-years division) 1st FX;  1st PH; 1st RNG; 1st VT; 1st PB; 1st HB; 1st AA (65.3)

Drew Cowan (8-years division) 2nd PB; 3rd AA (59.2)

Donovan Hall (7-years division) 1st PB; 2nd PH; 2nd RING; 3rd HB; 2nd AA 

Thanh-Trieu Nguyen (8-years division) 2nd VT; 2nd PB; 3rd RING


Level 6 - Led by Damien Chu, have secured a total of 9 top 3 placement medals at the State Championships; and together they were named the 5th best Level 6 team in the State of Maryland.   Medal break-down are as follows: 

Damien Chu (11+ division) 1st FX; 3rd RING; 2nd PB; 3rd AA (59.3T lost to tie-breaker rule) 

Jason Singleton (9-years division) 3rd HB 

Quinan Ngo (10-years division) 1st PH; 3rd AA (58.8) 

Jadon Ra-Akbar (10-years division) 3rd VT; 2nd PB

At the regional championships, Jason shines with three placement medals:  One of which is a 3rd place award for his Parallel Bar routine. Joining Jason is Damien who received 2 event placement medals within top 10 athletes on his individual routines.  Of the 71 participating teams in Region 7, The Fairland Level 6 Compulsory Team proudly took 9th place standing.

The Fairland Men’s Gymnastics Team have grown into a strong contender in Region 7 and are poised to make waves in the National Stage.

Designated Qualifier

Gymnasts compete locally to qualify for state. Again, they have to meet a certain score to attend the state meet. There are three meets a season that are designated as qualifying meets, so the gymnasts have three chances to meet that qualifying score. I think it's still a 31.0, but don't quote me on that. It's a fairly easy requirement, so most people do compete at state. Regionals and nationals don't happen until the higher levels. Once you are a level 10, you have the opportunity to participate in qualifying meets to become an elite, and again, you have to place well in order to qualify and compete as an elite. If you do qualify, you are designated as a national elite, and then I believe there is a qualification process to become an international elite. Elite gymnasts are divided into junior and senior categories by age. 

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